Welcome back. To me and to you.


A year ago, I took a hiatus from writing. I have received several emails and messages from MSV readers about where I had gone and when I’d be back. I hear you and I will be sharing. First, to give a response; but also to introduce the new direction of this blog. I will speak more on the new direction later; however I am sharing three updates today:


1)      This blog used to exist to solely provide educational and cultural content and materials for homeschooling families. It will still be that, but it will not be limited to it. I will be writing on other topics and will reveal that information in the near future.

2)      I dropped the “Morah” from my writing pen pal name and I altered the spelling on “Alizah” to “Alezah.” In my personal life, most everyone calls me “Jae.” To honor both my personal and pen pal lives (and because I just love double first names), I am merging them both together for Alezah Jae. You may call me both (Alezah Jae) or either (Alezah or Jae).

3) Tomorrow, October 30, my first “I’m back” post will go live. Do not miss it!


~Love, Light, and Happiness,

Alezah Jae