Our History Revealed Volume 1 {Hebrew}


Our History Revealed is an American History compendium with an African-American presence for Brown students in Grades 1-12. While it is a teaching tool for American History, it is also a guide for African-American History. This is not solely an African-American History curriculum. It is an American History compendium that includes the lives, events, and stories of African-Americans inside of the American History narrative.

The Our History Revealed compendium is published in various levels and versions. Please follow the lists below to better understand the grade levels, versions, and historical era this program is written for.


  • OHR: Africans in Early America ~ 1490s-1880s ~ Grades 1-6.
  • OHR: Hebrews in Early America ~ 1490s-1880s ~ Grades 1-6.


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