If you have purchased Our History Revealed: Africans in Early America Volume I, you know that there are plenty of timeline activities from the 1500s-1870s that the children record as they learn about this era. There are so many ways to keep a timeline! There are notebook timelines, wall timelines, digital timelines, paper roll timeline, journal timelines, and more. Please choose the timeline that suits your learning needs. Below you can download a complimentary copy of the timeline that accompanies Our History Revealed well. The timeline file may be used in one of the three ways:

  • Print pages and bind together to keep a timeline journal
  • Print pages, hole punch, and insert in a binder to keep a  notebook  timeline
  • Print pages and affix to the wall to keep a wall timeline

Note: The curriculum picks up at the tail-end of the 1400s,  however I started the timeline at the 1500s so there would not be several blank pages of paper just for 1-2 events at the end of the 15th Century. Also, the curriculum ends around the 1870s, however I extended the timeline until the year 1900 so that it would not cut off in the middle of a century.

Students may draw their own images or find them online, if they wish to have visuals. They may also choose to only write the dates and events.

>>>>>>>>Download My Early American Timeline<<<<<<<<<<<

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