Recently, I shared my upcoming 6th grader’s literature picks, and today I’m here to share literature selections for my rising 3rd grader for the 2017-2018 school year. As with my oldest, I do not use a formal curriculum for reading and literature. Since English Language Arts is a personal strength of mine, I prefer to teach it myself. I am able to choose the literature I prefer while teaching the skills and concepts that I like using the methods and strategies that are fruitful for my son.

Typically, I chose books from various genres and with an assortment of literary skill and concepts are appropriate and adequate for the child’s abilities and interests. Last year, I introduced poetry study with selected poem by Langston Hughes. This year, we’re sticking with the same poetry plan  with new poems. Below, I am sharing the titles, authors, genre, and quick summary of our use of the book.

NOTE: Sometimes the pictures to the books do not load. I’ve linked the titles below too, just in case.

Dog Days

Title:          Dog Days

Genre:        African-American Fiction

Author:       Karen English

Dog Days is the first book in The Carver Chronicles series by English. I like how this book explores how the main character is loyal to his family (mainly, his aunt) and himself even though it does not appear too cool to his peers. I’m very eager to discuss the character’s journey with my son. He will strengthen his summation skills with this title using the “somebody wanted but so then” strategy.

Kid Caramel: The Werewolf of PS 40

Title:          Kid Caramel: The Werewolf of PS 40

Genre:        Mystery

Author:       Dwayne J. Ferguson

I was so excited to find a mystery written by an African-American male! W00-Hoo! I really like to introduce mysteries in grade 3. Many boys tend to favor them and the literary skills I can teach with it pair nicely with 8 and 9 year olds. My son will play the role of the investigator and build his own case file for the book, learning about plot, setting, literary devices specific to mysteries, like “red herrings.”

The Stories Huey Tells

Title:          The Stories Huey Tells

Genre:        African-American Fiction (Classic)

Author:       Ann Cameron

Last year, we read a few of the Julian books by Ann Cameron and my son personally requested to read about Julian’s brother, Huey, this year; so I agreed. My son will use a traditional novel guide for this title focusing on comprehension and connections. At the end, he will have a book report (oral or written.)

One Small Square: Tropical Rain Forest & Backyard

Titles:         One Small Square: Tropical Rain Forest

One Small Square: Backyard

Genre:        Nonfiction

Author:       Donald Silver

I’m a fan of the One Small Square series! We use them in science and nature studies here and there, but I wanted to also use them for literature study to teach about nonfiction. This upcoming year, my son will read two books in this series. He will write a true/false quiz based upon his knowledge (that someone in the family will take) and create a nonfiction book poster.

Who Was Bob Marley?

Title:          Who Was Bob Marley?

Genre:        Biography

Author:       Donald Silver

We read a biography each year beginning in grade 3! It’s an easy way to make sure I include the genre and to study an African-American male (for the most part) each year. It just so happens that they both chose Mr. Marley this year, so that makes my life easy! My son will have a biography project to complete on Bob Marley. He will present his work to either our family or homeschool group.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Title:          Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Genre:        Adventure (Classic)

Author:       Richard and Florence Atwater

What a lovely story for children! I do not know anyone who does not like this book. It’s a classic read full of fun, surprise, and adventure. My son will make tri-folds as he reads each day focusing on a specific literary skill and vocabulary. We will also watch the movie and compare it to the book.

A School for Pompey Walker

Title:          A School for Pompey Walker

Genre:        Historical Fiction

Author:       Michael J. Rosen

Historical fiction is another genre I aim to include each year. Many times when we dig into American history, we find that literacy (specifically, reading) was not a skill afforded to many Blacks. I like to use books like this one to teach the importance of literacy and responsibility to our ancestors. My son is going to complete a cereal box report for this title.

EllRay Jakes is Not a Chicken! 

Title:          EllRay Jakes in Not a Chicken

Genre:        Realistic Fiction

Author:       Sally Warner

Just a fun title for an 8-year-old manchild to read! We will be using a traditional novel guide with this title as well as covering varied literary skills.

A Bear Called Paddington

Title:          A Bear Called Paddington

Genre:        Fiction, Humor/Comedy

Author:       Michael Bond

Another lovely story for children! Who doesn’t like Paddington, right? I completely enjoyed reading this book with my oldest son! My son will complete a chapter study and several learning activities to better understand the book’s topics. We will also watch the movie and compare it to the book.

My son will also read two picture books and he has one poetry reader planned:

 The Village that Vanished

Barack Obama: Sons of Promise, Child of Hope

My Man Blue (Poetry)

That concludes our literature selections for Grade 3, 2017-2018! What are you all reading? Stay tuned for my upcoming YouTube video discussing each title.