April is National Financial Literacy Month in the US! Though it’s majorly geared for adults, I see no reason why the children cannot learn a thing or two too! This month is supposed to bring awareness to financial literacy and be a teaching source on how to maintain sensible financial habits. So, I scored a children’s book that teaches about money, business, and how to have healthy view of money.

Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire (published by Big Head Books) tells the story of Danny Dollar, a kid who is on a mission to become a millionaire! The book chronicles his life as he works various neighborhood jobs to save his money in order to reach his goal. The book could easily be read independently by students ages 9 and up, though they may need mom’s help with some of the financial lingo. If you have a business-minded 6-8 year old, they would also enjoy the story being read to them. It’s a very smooth read!

As soon as I introduced Business Math to my son, he stays on the lookout for ways to make money! I knew he’d like this book, but I wanted him to be reflective with the new knowledge and terms Danny Dollar would teach. I wrote a simple book guide to go along with  Danny Dollar to help him do that.

The book study includes:

  • vocabulary (mostly financial terms)
  • context clues
  • comprehension questions
  • character-based questions
  • research (about finances surrounding Black figures)
  • reflective summary

The book study is available in either a secular version or a Biblical version. If you chose the Biblical version, make sure your student has a Bible handy.

SALE: For Financial Literacy Month, both versions of the “Danny Dollar” book guides go on sale from Thursday, March 30, 2017 -to- Thursday, March 31, 2017 11:59 EST!

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