Hey, guys! This homeschool post is to share with you what we are using in English Language Arts for the 2017-2018 school year in both Grade 3 and Grade 6. (I wrote a post for Grade 3 Literature and Grade 6 Literature in a separate post.)

For Grade 3, I will be sharing what we are using in Grammar, Spelling, Reading Fundamentals, and Handwriting. For Grade 6, I will be sharing what we are using Grammar Spelling, Reading Fundamentals, Handwriting, Writing & Rhetoric, Literary Analysis and Vocabulary.

Grade 3 English


  • Rod & Staff Level 3 Grammar (I do have the teacher’s guide)
  • Spelling Workout Level 3 (I do not have the teacher’s guide)
  • Reading Fundamentals Grade 3 (nonfiction content, answer key provided in the back)
  • Zaner Bloser’s Handwriting (I do not have the teacher’s guide)

When I was at a local homeschool sale, the Rod & Staff book with the teacher’s edition was on sale for $10, so I grabbed it. I do not tend to use teacher’s guides with grammar because it’s an unnecessary cost to me unless I can somehow manage to get them both for under $25. I also feel the same way about spelling curriculum. However, I will add that English Language Arts is a subject that I personally like, am strong in, and have been to school for. If it’s not your thing, please use the teacher’s guide if you do not feel confident without them.

Grammar Disclaimer: I am not brand loyal when it comes to grammar. It’s the same repeated content year in and year out with added complexity and length each year. I choose whichever book I can find that’s under $25 and that will easily offer me oral and written practice with a scope & sequence that makes sense to me. If it works, I may use it again the next year, but I have not used any one grammar longer than 2 years in a row because this is one subject where I like to “mix it up” and can afford to do so.

Grade 6 English


What are using for English Language Arts next year? Do share!