In my review post on BookShark’s Science Level 3, I mentioned that I liked the ability to move around the lesson topics and that by doing so I was not sacrificing my students’ learning experience. (A major plus for BookShark!)

Because I needed to teach the lessons for at least 12 weeks to give a decent, fair review, I decided to use the curriculum from weeks 1-12 ordinal-ly. It actually worked out for us because much of it was biology and some animal science that was appropriate for the fall and early winter season. However, the rest of the content would operate out of season if I picked up with week 13 and taught it straight through until the 36th week. So, I have re-ordered the content to flow seasonally so that I gain the most optimal learning experience with 8 and 9 year olds.

In the two weeks we had before our December Break, and we used Week 13 & Week 28 then. Mainly, because I wanted to focus on oceans/weather and weather cycle with some winter season inclusion. It just so happens that both of these weeks cover this content smoothly and it fit in the school time we had left.

Here, we are working from Week 13, Day 1; learning about high and low tides.

You can read more about this lesson here.

Most of the content post-week 13 concentrates on Animal & Agricultural Science that is best suited for the springtime. So, we will put a fork in those weeks and come back to it late March-early April.

When we return in January, we will begin with Week 29.

  • January  ~ Week 29-Week 32 ~Physics
  • February  ~ Week 33-Week 36 ~Physics

Thankfully, the lessons in these weeks do not focus on us being outside, needing a particular temperature, or compliant weather for our Science learning. So, it just makes good sense to cover these lesson during the winter season.

The rest of our year will flow like so…

  • March-April ~ Week 15-Week 18 ~Agricultural Science + Botany
  • May-June ~ Week 19-Week 26 ~Agricultural Science

I looking forward to these lesson the most! If our experience at this point in the curriculum is as good as I want to be, I will be well-pleased despite the cons I listed earlier. We are really big on Animal & Agricultural Science around here and our expectations are high! So, I am really hoping BookShark will deliver.

In fairness and honesty, we will probably skip Week 14 & Week 27. I need to gain back 2 weeks in the school year, and these weeks are the least-interesting for my tribe. But, you never know what I may work out in the long run. Stay tuned, and thank you for reading.