Bio-Agricultural Science ~ Grade 4 & 7


Hey, Guys! For science, this year both my sons and I wanted to biological/agricultural-type science that taught the following:

  • how to plant and grow food and medicinal herbs
  • gives exposure into raising poultry
  • review our major body systems to understand what we should eat, how, and when
  • review our major body systems to understand how to heal our bodies with medicinal herbs
  • differences between the Near Ancient East diet (esp the Levant region), the African diet (esp the Sub-Saharan region), and the American diet
  • prepare nutritious meals with veggies and herbs
  • understand the role of a “village doctor”
  • how to identify and treat common illnesses / discomforts
  • know basic elements of first aid (an herbal kit and a modern medicine kit)
  • parts of the male and female reproductive systems, sex education, and human development

So, I designed a course that goes a little something like this… Bio-Agricultural & Herbal Science with Health, Medicine, & Nutrition and Human Anatomy/Sex Ed. But since that is a mouthful, we’re going with AgriScience. Once I decided on the topics I wanted to cover, I was off to locate student-friendly books for students 10-14. Since my youngest son is nine, I made some slight adjustments for him; but for the most part he can hang with us. 🙂

After I chose our books, I began to write the course and find learning resources (slideshows, activity sheets, diagrams, charts, puzzles, printables, and more) that would complement my plan.  Then, I synthesized and sequenced it all together until every desirable topic, book, and learning was accounted for in a logical flow.

Let’s get to it! Below are the main texts and books I decided on for the 2018-2019 school year.

Main Science Texts



Supplemental Science Resources


I ended up compiling a few AgriScience notebook for some homeschoolers and I have received great feedback. We have not even started yet and I am more than thrilled to begin, watching others use my lesson plans. Whoop! 🙂