I meet many people who are either curious about or interested in the Biblical Feast Days. For those who have already decided to observe these days, I am constantly asked how they can teach their children or how can they incorporate Biblical learning with other subjects they may studying in school. Below, I have created 4 lists. 1 list (Appointed Times) is full of learning ideas and activities that are relevant just prior to the beginning of the Feast Season. The other 3 lists are specific to each Biblical Feast (Teruah, Kippur, & Sukkot). Enjoy!



Appointed Times

  • Explain how to observe the sun for seasons and how to observe the moon for the “beginning of months” and the Feast Season.
  • Use a 12-month calendar (Spring-to-Spring) to count days, teach seasons, and understand time. (Also explain equinoxes and solstices).
  • Read Leviticus 23 to understand or review the Appointed Times (Mo’ed) between the Mighty One of Israel and His People, the Israelites.
  • Review the Biblical names for the months of the year.
  • Compare the Pre-Exilic and Babylonian names for the months of the year.
  • Learn these words in Hebrew: feast, moon, month, year, season, spring, summer, fall winter.
  • Learn the 7 main crops of Israel (D’varim 8) and learn their harvest seasons (and pair with Feasts).

A useful printable to help with Appointed Times.

Yom Teruah / Day of Shouting,  Alarm, Warning

  • Sketch the the Virgo constellation (the arrangement of stars under the September – October sky).
  • Make a shofar; why is this instrument important to YHWH and the Israelites, when do they use it?
  • Observe the Feast (fellowship with others)
  • Learn about the grain and drink offerings
  • Learn about the Messiah’s birth (count the conception time from John the Baptist to the Messiah to learn His birth month)
  • Draw, color, build a typical 1st Century Hebrew home
  • Read about Teruah

A craft for a DIY shofar.

A useful printable to help with the Messiah’s Birth.

Yom Kippur / Day of Atonement, Covering

  • Study what “afflict your soul” mean? (Keyword Search: “afflict your soul”, how will your family do this?)
  • Learn more about atonement and the role innocent blood plays in covering Israelites.
  • Read about Kippur
  • Discuss how you will break for your fasts, if you decide to fast.
  • Understand what “atonement” and “reconciliation” means.

A lapbook for studying Yom Kippur. (Editable for you to redesign how you see fit!)

Sukkot, Booths, Tabernacles

  • Review the Spring & Autumnal Equinoxes (explain hemispheres; which hemisphere is Israel on?)
  • Learn about the plants used to build/decorate a sukkah 
  • Build an origami sukkah or make an edible sukkah
  • Read about Sukkot

An ordered set of colorful worksheets to use from Bible Pathway :

  • Sukkot Bible Quiz (after you read the Scripture, also you can make a trivia game with this too)
  • Decorate a Sukkah
  • Sukkot Scavenger Hunt
  • Hebrew Life: Weddings (research Hebrew weddings)
  • Make a Sukkah 
  • Sukkot Review

I hope this helps, and as always let me know if  you have any questions.

Happy Feasts,