What’s up, y’all?  This homeschool post is to share with you what we are using in history class for the 2017-2018 school year in both Grade 3 and Grade 6. Today, I have more of a plan to share than actual curriculum, because I tend to hodge-podge our history studies. I find it best to share posts (blog or social media) during the year about what we are studying and what we are using.

School boys playing cricket in Kingston, Jamaica in 1965 Credit: Wiki Commons, The National Archives UK

Before I delve into to what we are using, allow me to briefly explain my history approach so you can see where this year falls into our broader plan. Our history studies keep us (Black people) at the center and from there we venture out to learn about other groups, lands, and cultures. {1} Because we are AFRICAN-American (as tend to be called), we begin our studies in Africa (for so many reasons, but as Americans; mainly for my children to learn about our history prior to slavery).  {2} After we’ve learning about an overview of Africa, as African-AMERICANS, we transition into American History (with a focus on Black Americans). It took us 2 years to get from cover the time from ~1492-1960-ish. {We used Our History Revealed for Year 1.} I purposely reserved the 1960 to present for when my children are older. {3} After American History, we begin to explore Black History outside of America. At this point, they understand the Diaspora  and they know that Black Americans are one group of the entire Diaspora. So, now it’s time to learn about other Diasporans. This is where we are now.

For 2017-2018, we are learning about Central America, Brazil, Mexico, and the Caribbean/West Indies. Of course, we are learning about both the Euro and Afro peoples of these lands, as well as, the mixed people groups; however the focus will always remain on us, people of African descent (regardless of where we are in the world).

We are using the Neighbors in Latin America (by Christian Light Press) student textbook as our guide! (I am simply ditching the Biblical Application portion to loose the religious insertions.) We will first learn about Early (Central) America and then move into studying each modern country region-by-region. I have lots of mapping exercises and projects planned for the year and each of them will complete a country presentation of their choice and give a report on any one Afro-Latino/a they’d like. I also have a variety of supplemental books and resources we will use (and  I will share) as we progress throughout the year.

What are you studying in History next year? Please share!