Hey, friends! I am sure if you are well-rooted in the homeschool community, you’ve seen several lapbooks, curricula, and co-ops even; that promote the teaching of classical composers and their compositions. Each time I learn of a new item, I go a-lookin’ in search of some diversity with a special eye on the African presence. Let me tell you….it.is.never.there. I began to wonder if Africans/African-Americans have a place in classical music at all. I turned to my good friend Chenoa, owner/operator of AlaMusic Academy. She is an extremely talented violinist and teacher, and she knows her classical music!!

We have collaborated to educate homeschooling families with African/African American persuasion among classical music. If you are a classical homeschooler or if you are belong to classical-based co-op, like Classical Conversations, and you desire for more diversity, stay tuned for what Chenoa has to share!

African Inspired Classical Music 1700s IMG1-MorahSheli

We are givers at heart and I wanted to bless you with a free list of African musicians who contributed to classical music. Let’s begin! (I know I called this list the “1700s”, but AlaMusic Academy found one as early as the 1500s and wanted it added in!)

  • 1) John Blanke, (fl. 1507-1512)*

Afro-British Trumpeter for King Henry VIII

  • 2) Ignatius Sancho, (1729-1780)

 African Composer & Author

  • 3) Le Chevalier de Saint Georges, (1745-1799)

Afro-French Composer, Violinist & Conductor

  • 4) Jose Maurico Nunes Garcia, (1767-1830)

Afro-Brazilian Composer/Organist, composed Brazil’s first Opera

  • 5) Joseph Antonia Emidy, (1775-1835)

Guinea Violinist and Composer

  • 6) George Augustus Polgreen Bridgetower,  (1778-1860)

Afro-European Violinist

  • 7) Francis “Frank” B. Johnson,  (1792-1844)

African American Bugler, Band Leader & Composer

*A date of birth could not be found for John Blanke, as a result the years indicated reflect the time his career was at its peak, and not his life span.

>>Download African Presence in Classical Music: 1700s List<<<

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