African-American Options in Science


Soil Benders by Sankofa Science

I have purchased two mini units from Sankofa, but I am sharing about Soil Benders today! My initial draw to this unit was obviously that is was African-centered; but also that the lessons used agriculture to explain scientific ideas. Of all the branches of science, agriculture is often left out of academic learning, so it can be difficult to find resources. I appreciate Sankofa for having this feature.

Understanding my Hebraic roots, I had to make a few tweaks here and there to Soil Benders, but overall it’s a very solid source for learning about gardening (including its tools), agriculture,  ancient to modern comparisons, and basic biology skills and concepts. Students ages 10+ would benefit from the lessons, especially if the written analysis were modified for discussion.

African-American Options in History


The Journey Timeline: America by Eye See Me

I shared Eye See Me with you last week in terms of Biblical resources, but the owner has plenty of history resources for African American children as well. She has a hosts of books, but my personal favorite is the Timeline Series! Between Our History Revealed and The Journey Timeline-America my boys have become very solid on their Black History facts!

Life Upon These Shores by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

This books is simply amazing! It cover a wide range of topics and era of our history, but it also breaks the content down in friendly articles that are neither too long or too dull in content. My oldest (almost 10) can read and comprehend the text very well (which is a major plus and why I love this title even more) and my youngest (7) is able to listen in and join history discussion with his brother and I on his level. (P.S. This book is used in for the next volume of the Our History Revealed compendium).

I really do not think you can go wrong with Gates!

African American History by Dr. Asante

I really like this text for high schoolers, but I still I believe you could read it to younger students. I think that Life Upon These Shores reads better for students younger than high school, but I enjoy this title too. It is surely more academic, in that, it offers charts and maps to aid in the student’s learning, and it also comes with learning and assessment activities.

Our History Revealed by Morah Sheli Publishing

I like Our History Revealed for teaching American History and African-American “side by side.” I think it’s real important to teach American History because our children grow up in this land. However most American History curriculum either leaves out the African-American account or reduced us down to only slaves and/or Civil Rights participants. If you’re looking to teaching American History while also gaining the journey, stories, and lives of African Americans, then Our History Revealed may interest you. (Our History Revealed: Africans in America covers 1400s-1870s).