Peace and Black Power to you! How is everyone doing? I am so ready for this winter season! It has been snow, snow, snow down here in the South and I am ready for some heat. As the month turns over into February, I am one step closer to the Spring. Yay! Black History Month is upon us and I know if you’re like me, your entire homeschool is Black-focused. So, we do not need to do anything special for this month. However, I do like to implement eye-catching resources to remind my students that February is Black History Month. I have several things that I do, but one constant has always been calendar cards. I design my calendar wall and its inserts in a way that screams ….look at these African-Americans ova’ here! 🙂

My students always enjoy them and we learn something new each day by reading a quick fact about each Black leader or figure. Today, I am sharing a set of 28 cards, one for each day in February. Each card includes a names, a note about who the person or what they have accomplished, and picture. The date is relevant. Unless otherwise stated, the date is the person’s birthday. Otherwise, the date represent a notable event in Black History accomplished my the person pictured. My gift to you this Black History Month is your free set of February African-American Calendar Cards


Here are the following Black leaders and figures featured (in order):


  1. Langston Hughes
  2. Nelson Mandela
  3. Jack Johnson
  4. Rosa Parks
  5. Henry “Hank” Aaron
  6. Bob Marley
  7. Chris Rock
  8. Gary Coleman
  9. Alice Walker
  10. Leontyne Price
  11. Daniel James
  12. Arsenio Hall
  13. Andrew “Rube” Foster
  14. Frederick Douglass
  15. Louis Armstrong
  16. Levar Burton
  17. Michael Jordan
  18. Toni Morrison
  19. William “Smokey” Robinson
  20. Sidney Poitier
  21. Nina Simone
  22. Julius “Dr. J” Erving
  23. W.E.B. DuBois
  24. Hiram Rhodes Revels
  25. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
  26. Fats Domino
  27. Marian Anderson
  28. Hattie McDaniel